Culinary creativity for restless palates

In Pòrtic Boqueria you can enjoy select recipes and presentations from our space located in the Mercat de la Boqueria and Palacio de la Virreina, the gastronomic center par excellence in Barcelona.

Market Cuisine and fresh products direct from the market. Raw materials of high quality to enjoy the authentic Mediterranean cuisine in two environments, one more casual atmosphere for tapas, canapés and a la carte dishes, or the restaurant, ideal for events, meetings and celebrations, with the light as protagonist.

Each day, our chef chooses the best meats, fish and vegetables of La Boqueria, to offer you a high quality cuisine. Mediterranean recipes and dishes filled with originality, creativity, and impeccable service. Selected proposals designed to authentic sybarites.



The year is 2012, and the families Lazaro and Molinos we have decided to merge our experiences in the world of business and food in a new project: the creation of an innovative restaurant, both by its Mediterranean style, such as the variety of the target audience from a place so peculiar as it is the heart of the Boqueria Market.

Thus was born “Pòrtic Boqueria”. A unique restaurant, for all types of audiences and with a menu full of fresh products, natural, Mediterranean… of the own Boqueria Market.

Proximity products that can be tasted in any of our three rooms, where you can hold from family meals or romantic, business, bustling market, until banquets, celebrations…

Come and test us.